It began in 2002 as a vision. Two industry experts, from different cultures and continents, joining together to form one forward-thinking company. It continues as a multi-dimensional commitment to green technology, liquid fashion and determined energy for all things beauty.

Chiara is an artist when it comes to hair, first as a stylist and then in the research and development of new artistic products. Inside the I.C.O.N. lab and salon, she hand-tests each formula until it exceeds expectations, both hers and the industry’s. Her forward-looking educational programs are designed to deliver information to salons and stylists worldwide. And her creative vision can be seen in every aspect of I.C.O.N. from product to collections and more.

“It is our promise to provide products that are needed, rather than trendy. We’re about beauty that lasts. Each formula is painstakingly crafted, then hand-tested. Nothing goes to our stylists or to consumers without meeting I.C.O.N.’s standards.”- Chiara


Asuccessful salon owner and businessman, Jorge has an inside view into the workings of the professional salon industry. He has pioneered philosophies such as masstige and new-nique, always fusing creative and business in order to elevate the success of each salon. His personal motto has always been to start doing today that will matter most tomorrow and in doing so, consistently captures the attention of new consumers and creates a truly memorable experience, inside and outside the salon.

“The beauty industry had become too much of a commodity. We wanted to bring it back to its truest self: where quality, performance and the highest of standards is the rule, not the exception. That’s just good business–no, that’s GREAT business.”– Jorge


As a co-founder and product designer of the ICON line, Chiara has continued to climb the ladder of success to achieve a level of notoriety in the hair industry that few can rival.  She began her career in hair as a stylist where her natural talent was immediately recognized.  She became part of a major manufacturer’s creative team and was soon touring the world teaching other hairdressers and helping them develop their own art.  Working as a top educator eventually led to the opportunity to develop products for Sebastian International.  Utilizing her skills as a stylist, Chiara worked closely with a chemist to formulate and create revolutionary hair care tools and soon she became chief of research and development for Sebastian.  However, in 2000, as the new century was beginning, Chiara sought a professional evolution as well.  No longer satisfied with the status quo and working for a major manufacturer, she became restless for change.  ICON line started as an idea, a way to return passion to the industry she adored.  With the support of her partner, she researched ingredients and formed a bond with a chemist to develop her dream.  Together, they created extraordinary quality products that were formulated with honest and integrity.  As a purist, Chiara insisted on constructing a salon that would not only support the ICON hair care line, but a salon that would also serve as a workshop, a living studio to develop and test both ideas and products.  Direct client interaction and feedback resulted in understanding “real” clients’ needs in regards to their hair and has been fundamental I creating products based on those needs.  Chiara, the consummate professional, continues working on her clientele in the salon as a stylist to solidify her commitment and continue her passion in the industry that she loves.  Her work has been featured in countless articles and magazines and her artistry has garnered praise from leading beauty expert, Allure magazine, where she was featured as a top stylist.  Our resident “queen bee”, it is Chiara that serves as the passionate epicenter and inspiration of ICON.


Tomi has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years but has always found her passion within the color wheel.  After years of traveling the world as an educator for many color brands, Tomi has finally found her home with ICON after falling in love with all of the products and specifically, the Ecotech color. She is a great believer in creating new looks with just a touch of color and dimension.  This energetic young woman will have you on the edge of your seat and entwined with her knowledge and passion for everything color.


If there are limits to the art that can be created with hair, don’t tell Brianna Combs.  A hairdresser since 2008, she has long been fascinated with being able to create and express oneself through hairdressing and pure artistry.

Brianna’s love for the industry began when she was just 15 and colored her own hair for the first time.  Thrilled with the instant gratification of change, she decided on the spot that she wanted to share that feeling with everyone who sought it.  Now an ICON team member, Brianna’s goal is to spread the word about the company while teaching the unique versatility of all EcoTech products.

A lover of Done, Brianna enjoys the strong hold that leaves all styles touchable.  She is also a lover of cutting and drafting hair into artful styles that can be taught to other hairdressers around the country.

And there are no limits to that!


If moving toward excellence is a true journey, then Carlie has the car, the keys and the map.  An artist in every sense of the word, she draws inspiration for her journey from all things creative including art, fashion and architecture and uses all to inspire others.

An ICON team member for eight years and a hairdresser for longer, Carlie made the decision to pursue her passion for beauty as a child.  In fact, the first time she stepped into a salon, Carlie knew she was home.  The energy and vibration was invigorating and she was determined to join the culture.  After attending college for four years, Carlie moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream.  That dream was always in vibrant color.  Though she loves everything about hair, her true passion lies in color and special events styling.  She is also a huge fan of Cure, because of its curative benefits, but mostly because of its promise to help find a cure for cancer.

As an educator, Carlie excels in sharing her knowledge with each class while also gathering information from her mentors and other members of the team.  It’s all part of her road map to teaching new and innovative ways, and all part of the journey that continues to propel her towards excellence


It was during college that Jasmine realized that her true passion lied in makeup artistry.  While studying for a degree in child development, she began working part time in a salon and soon realized that what she thought was only an interest in makeup, was actually a talent.

With no formal training, and with the encouragement of her friends and family, Jasmine pursued work as a freelance makeup artist after attaining her degree.  A professional relationship with esteemed celebrity makeup artist Karan Mitchell developed and Jasmine began assisting her, quickly learning the secrets of the trade.

Apprenticing opened many doors, and Jasmine was soon asked to join the artistic team for Sebastian’s Trucco Cosmetics.  She began touring internationally, teaching makeup seminars in the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia.  Known for her precision makeup and executing flawless designs, she began doing print work and found her creative niche.

Soon jasmine was doing ad campaigns for major beauty companies and found her home behind the scenes, working with top models and photographers to create stunning images.  Having built an impressive portfolio, she joined the ICON team in 2001 as a resident makeup artist.  Her work is featured in ad campaigns for ICON, as she works closely with Chiara and the creative team on photo shoots to showcase current makeup and hair trends.

As her freelance work continues, Jasmine maintains her clientele in the salon, providing makeup services and brow  maintenance.  Her clients value her ability to transform them for special events, weddings or anytime they need to feel beautiful.


Melinda has been a part of ICON Line and the team since its creation and has been instrumental in its growth and evolution through the years.

With remarkable vision, she helped develop our unique touch therapy delivery method, a core element of the ICON experience.  As a master coach and head of education, Melinda traveled the globe extensively sharing the message of ICON and inspiring other stylists as well.  Our resident “Queen of Color”, Melinda’s focus remains creating the perfect color that her clients crave.  With incredible attention to detail, she never sacrifices the quality and integrity of her client’s hair and always strives for the perfect balance.  Melinda is famous for her formulations and would love nothing more than to color hair all day.  If your desire is to be a radiant blonde, a chocolaty brunette, or a fiery redhead, she welcomes the challenge with open arms.

Melinda has a true talent for transforming the thinnest hair into thick, luscious lock, with expertly placed extensions.  Melinda loves to witness the joy her clients experience when they finally have their “dream hair”.

Melinda’s other strengths lie in restoring healthy to damaged hair.  Using a combination of treatments, clients seek out her restorative regimedies to repair their stressed and damaged hair.  Her maternal nature, candor and wit make Melinda a hit to anyone that she comes into contact with.


Mily received her advanced training being part of ICON’s global team, learning the latest in product innovations and haircutting techniques.  She continues this education by attending seminars that keep her up to date on the latest hair trends.  Her personal attention and kindness make each client feel like family.

As a stylist, Mily excels in creating sparkling, natural color that looks elegant and classic.  Her signature style is beautiful, shiny, voluminous hair with soft feminine layers.  An expert in finishing, Mily’s clients crave her gorgeous blowouts.  Her outstanding client care and professionalism bring satisfaction to a whole new level.  That, combined with her timeless style creates a winning combination that is sure to impress.


John has spent his life in the barber shop. At a young age, his grandfather, a barber, taught him the value of the craft.  His interest and passion flourished instantly, at 10 years of age, he would give fades and designs to his friends in his basement. By 17 he was an apprentice in a barber shop near his home in Providence, Rhode Island.  While studying, and playing american football at Boston College, he built a small shop in his apartment. Here his classmates and teammates would wait for hours and auction positions in line, outbidding each other for a cut from the “campus barber”.  After university, he returned to the barber shop. From 2010-2014 he worked at  Sebastian’s Barber Shop, a top rated, classic establishment just outside New York City on the Hudson River. His journey across the country to Los Angeles brought him into the realm of I.C.O.N and Mr. A.  Here he couldn’t be happier to share with the world his love for the craft.


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We focus on the people, the hair and the inherent beauty in the world. Our laboratory uses only the most ecologically sound ingredients locked inside the most technologically advanced science.

Green formulas

What’s good for you is good for all of us.

Green outlook

We will continue to embrace ecological living and formulating. It’s our responsibility as citizens of the planet.

It’s simple. Renewable resources, harnessed as the ecology of raw ingredients fused with advances in technology to create the art of the possible.

This is EcoTECH and it is the foundation of each formulation.